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[ Hoo… Yeah shit got dark. A bit too much, actually and my muse is at the moment not willing to really work with me and, well, I don’t think I am ready to write the huge meltdown she’s gonna have.

So I’m gonna have to take a bit of a step back. Try and recharge and get back to it. Maybe later this week or next weekend.

Sorry about those who were probably wondering how the lady is going to be reacting to all this.

But I shouldn’t have the mindest of “Let’s get this over with” when approaching something. You get what I mean? ]

Love Psalm


Right there… Right there. Right when he needed her most she left. She left because she wasn’t his any more. She wasn’t anyone’s. The demon had taken her and she tasted cold.

The fire bubbling in his chest tasted not of love or joy, but of bitterness and resentment. And as his grip on his axe tightened, he leaned in to kiss just along the corner of her mouth. He kissed along her cheek, to her jaw, and to her ear.

Tears pooled on the bottoms of his eyes as he pressed his lips to the shell of her ear and wrapped his arm around her, keeping her held close.

"You say you’re here, Wren, but you’ve been gone for so long. You took my heart and ran… You took what little I had offered." He took in a small choked breath. Vision flickered, and for a moment he could see the creatures of the shadows- the things lurking around them. The things lurking around her.

"The last time I let a demon live… It destroyed everything I loved and cared for. This time, I won’t let it happen again."

He gave her cheek another small kiss, this time his grip with one arm becoming binding instead of embracing.

"You tried to hide, demoness, but I suppose the broken soul of a man is too good to pass up, isn’t it?"


His arm pulled back before he slammed the blade forward, burying it as deep as he could into her abdomen. And then gave it an extra shove for good measure.

"You can keep my heart, Demoness. It’s broken, anyway. "

It was saddening that the Queen was unaware. The whole time, she was sure that she could feel his warmth upon this vessel all to her true self back in the darkness of her throne. So sure that she could feel every kiss on her skin that left her weak. So sad… that it was too late for her to realize his words being so cold. His voice so broken. So hurt and in pain. 

"W-Worren?" Too late to escape from the vice grip. It hurt. It wasn’t warm. It hurt! It was then a gleam of metal that flashed before her, and ax, a sight that had her eyes widening with absolute terror. So came the strike of a blade slamming right into her form that unleashed a blood curdling scream.


The woman was in shock, the pain shooting through the shadow puppet and all towards the woman who sat on the throne, and in the darkness she screaming in agony. She didn’t hear his voice, she couldn’t hear herself. All that branded and consumed was the blade that dug into her. She struggled and pulled! Pushed and cried but she couldn’t escape! The pain was real!! It’s happening! 

WHY!? Why does it hurt?!  It’s happening again!!! WHAT DID HE DO?! 


Before she knew it, with her mind gone and shrouded, and screaming for nothing but the pain to stop… so her power unleashed. It was violent. Relentless. It pierce through Worren bit by bit like iron spikes and forced him away from her. She collapsed, crawling to on the grown and holding onto her side as she wheezed and struggled, her eyes blurred and everything unbearable. Her blood now stained the grass.

The whole while, she was unaware at what she had just done.

Love Psalm


Worren couldn’t breathe. The second he saw her his breath was taken away and when she hugged him he had sworn he was in heaven. His world was spinning and she was his only anchor.

As she placed hand over his face, he took a shaky breath and pressed his face into the touch. As she returned to the hug, he pulled her into a full embrace, moving to hug her to his chest right as possible, as if she might turn to dust if he let go.

"Wren… Wren wren wren…" He cooed softly before finally untucking his arm from the grapple hug to trace her cheek and lift her face.

Dipping his head in he pressed his lips to hers in a souls sharing kiss, laced with what was left of his broken heart- holding it a moment before breaking it only for need of air.

"I’ve missed you so much. "


A moment of stillness. 

A moment of a body igniting,

A moment of feeling alive.

It frightened her at how overwhelming it became for her, her heart nearly pounding and engulfing her with a fire that she thought she’d never feel again. She was sure, oh so sure, that “it would never be the same” with a kiss. The woman was left trembling, almost melting and becoming weak to him. Oh, God why was she shaking? Was it because she was recalling her huntsman’s loving touch? Knowing just what she meant to him in a single embrace? Was that why she burns?

The Queen continued to tremble, her eyes closing and she felt the sting coming to them.

"I-I’m…" she sniffed and smiled as best as she could. "I’m right here."

*Surprise bear hug from behind!*




"Worren! Squeeze any tighter and you’ll break me in half!"

"I gotta break ya outta that shell somehow!" He said as he leaned back, lifting her off the ground with ease.



The man’s head snapped up when he heard the familiar voice. He looked tired, even after talking to Washington he was still finding it hard to sleep. At least now he was mostly himself, just tired. He smiled a bit when he saw Wren standing nearby. “Wren…where have you been? You just up and disappeared, had me worried.” 

Pushing himself up, he took a few steps towards her. She looked…different. His smile faded a bit. “Did…did something happen?”

All she could do was stare at him. There was a look of disbelief slowly falling onto her face. How could he? How could he do something so terrible? And talk to her and look at her straight in the eye? 

If it were any other time, she would sit and ask how he has been fairing. But, with the knowledge of blood being in his hands, there was no sit down for tea. “Yes. Something did happen.” she stared at him. 

"Octavius, I spoke with Mr. Ellison not too long ago…"


"He would never…"

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph."

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